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This boat is now for sale. We bought a fish and Ski and it satisfies our needs with grandchildren.

In 2002 I was looking for a bassboat that is light, fast, maneuverable in tight places and easy to trailer with a medium SUV. I had previously bought a used Johnson V6 200 hp Venom outboard. It had been seized and needed a new piston and some other work. I tore the motor down, cleaned up the block and honed the cylinders. My brother who is an OMC Teck put in new pistons, rings, updated the ring pins and built the powerhead up for me. We reassembled the motor. Having a motor now I needed a used bassboat with no engine. I was reading about Allison and became interested in their boats. On the internet I tracked down a used XB2002 located in Indiana. It turned out to be a 700 lb bassracer model. This one had a workable live well which I needed for fishing. I worked a deal with the seller and he trailered it to Boston and we drove down and picked it up from him at a hotel. The boat had been stripped and was bone bare. He had taken it to Allison for a new aluminum transom and blueprinted pad which was done by Darris at Allison. He gave me a lot of the "parts" and new carpet but putting the package together took a lot of work. The motor came with a left hand lower unit so I found a good right hand unit on EBay, sent it to Bob's Machine Shop in Florida for a Bob's Bigfoot nose cone. The steering is dual opposed cable which is nice and tight, not like single cable steering. A number of props were bought on EBay. We did not paint the motor black; venoms came in charcoal color so we just redid the cowling. I had everything set up by late 2003. Performance information and my comments on the unit are on following pages. The boat is now in eastern Canada.

This Allison bass boat model (not this boat) is the current record holder for the fastest bass boat - 116.594 MPH. 

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