XB2002 Bass Racer

Fishing Characteristics
As expected, the boat being light and narrow, it is very nimble in tight places and spins around quickly and accelerates fast with the Minkota AP55 troller I have on it. This boat tracks well in windy weather. It trailers well too and is not too hard on my V6 Pathfinder. Launching and loading are a breeze. It has a large livewell and a good size deck for the aft angler. The front casting deck is adequate for the average person and I have room for six rods on the floor.  I like the fuel economy of this boat. The outfit likely burns half or less gas than a big 20 ft bassboat at the same speed so I don't need a big tank unless I need to travel long distances, which is rare for me. The boat handles good with a lot of weight and is smooth in rough water. I believe it is a lot smoother and less hard on the butt than larger 20 foot boats that pound more. I have run very well on the top of a 2 and 3 ft chop. The way the boat is set up I can run in very shallow water. I could run in a foot of water if I had to. This means less dinged props and lower units. It also floats high and I can get into shallow water with the troller. On top of all of this it is a very pretty boat to look at. In my opinion, this is the ideal 20 ft bass boat to haul behind an SUV, save gas.
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