XB2002 Bass Racer

Racing Configuration
I have not raced the boat but it did do 108 MPH when a previous owner had a 260 hp merc on it and the high 90s with a 225 promax merc. The boat is presently set up with 200 hp although I have a set of carbs to make it 225+ hp that I have not bothered to put on due to the price of gas and this setup is economical. With a 29 pitch OMC SRX prop it will make the low 90s if it is lightened up. Present setup is 6 in of setback and the centre line of the prop shaft is 1/4 inch below the pad if you understand technical stuff. I have the bearing carrier pinned and I have a torque tab and holeshot cavitation plate installed. Land and Sea solid mounts are installed in the lower mid section. The steering wheel has a mounted trim control and the accelerator is a Bob's hot foot.  The boat feels very light in this configuration with fast acceleration and neutral trim is about right.   
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