XB2002 Bass Racer

Racing Configuration
I have not raced the boat but it did do 108 MPH when a previous owner had a 260 hp merc on it and the high 90s with a 225 promax merc. The boat is presently set up with 225 hp as I have a set of carbs to make it 225+ hp. Present setup is 6 in of setback and the centre line of the prop shaft is 1/4 inch below the pad if you understand technical stuff. I have the bearing carrier pinned and I have a torque tab and holeshot cavitation plate installed. Land and Sea solid mounts are installed in the lower mid section. The steering wheel has a mounted trim control and the accelerator is a Bob's hot foot. 

NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS - I dont drive the boat over 65 mph. The motor is too heavy (460 lb) for this light bassracer model. This has been well reported and warned by the Allison company. It is extremely dangerous and will hook. The chine walk is unmanageable even for one experienced with managing it. This boat could flip but it never has because i don't chance it. Whoever buys the boat will have to remove the motor and mount something lighter. I will require a written legal agreement to this from the buyer.  
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